Webinar: Marketing Attribution & Performance Measurement Optimization

Properly measuring the effectiveness of marketing and advertising continues to be a challenge faced by many franchisors and franchisees alike. Adding to those challenges are ongoing shifts in digital media as the ad tech industry evolves to better account for the privacy of consumers and restrict certain data made available to marketers. These industry changes, combined with a customer journey that only continues to become more complex, highlight the need for brands to optimize their performance measurement approach and implement marketing attribution models for more actionable data and insights to drive better business outcomes. This webinar will help you learn how to gain a clearer understanding of how marketing and advertising connects with your target audiences and moves them through the decision-making process.

Key takeaways include:

• How to integrate unique data sets (i.e., CRM data, sales data, offline conversion data) to better understand which marketing channels are providing the most impact

• How to develop closed-loop reporting systems that allow your business to focus on more revenue- and profitability-driven metrics

• Best practices for measurement to drive optimal marketing performance

• Methodology for developing marketing attribution models that make sense for your brand and your business model

Joshua Allen – VP of Marketing, Location3

Vera Shafiq – VP of Digital Strategy, Location3
Ira Klusendorf – VP of Marketing, Verlo Mattress
Jennifer Chasteen – CMO of Synergy HomeCare



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