Day in the Life: Director of Operations and Performance

The digital marketing industry is a dynamic enterprise that is evolving and changing every day. With that – responsibilities change; tasks and projects evolve. We’re highlighting what that can look like on a day-to-day basis at Location3 and how our team keeps pace. We’ve asked Shalini Reddy, Director of Operations and Performance, to share insights about her daily workload, how she grew into her current role, and how she prioritizes an authentic work-life balance.

Shalini Reddy in her early days as Account Manager for Location3

Shalini Reddy in her early days as Account Manager for Location3.

Day in the Life: Getting Started

When Shalini first joined Location3, she was brought onto the team as an Account Manager. She was looking for a company that truly believes in their employees. With her strong skills and passion, Shalini flourished into her current role, Director of Operations and Performance. 

[SR]: I was at a point in my career where I wanted to be part of a growing company that used cutting edge technology and invested in its team. In the research I did, Location3 fit all that I was looking for. I joined the team as an Account Manager and was trusted with important accounts. I soon was promoted to Senior AM. Training, account strategy and formulating processes for smooth operations/efficiencies are my strengths which is what got me to my current role – Director of Operations and Performance.

Checking Accounts and Process Documentation

An appreciable part of life at L3 and for a digital marketer, is that every day is truly different. You cannot precisely predict how an account will perform or behave, and it’s up to the marketer to keep up with fluctuations in performance and in the industry. Shalini reveals that she usually starts her workday by checking into the accounts she directly manages, and then performs a round of checks of accounts that are on her radar. 

[SR]: Overall, across all of our accounts, a round of checks includes checking on how pacing is looking – are the campaigns or ads too far ahead in terms of budget? I then get in touch with account managers, flag those as problems, and if there is a troubleshooting or bid strategy problem, I check all these metrics and follow up with AM’s. These could be ones that need extra attention to improve performance or have newer team members. I also have an open-door policy with my team and help with anything they need support on which can involve deep dives, troubleshooting, training, etc. I go through the process documentation we have in place and find opportunities to enhance and create new documentation as needed.

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” — Henry David Thoreau

To gain further insight, I asked Shalini if she could elaborate on what an open-door policy truly means to her, and if she could explain the specifics of process documentation. 

[SR]: My team knows they can ping or email me any time. An open door is in relation to teams if they have a problem and need to schedule time as soon as possible, they know they can ping me with anything they need support on, which can involve deep dives, troubleshooting, training etc. I go through process documentation as a team lead check to make sure anything that needs to be updated is updated, or if anything is missing build that out. Clarification around cancellations is a recent thing that came up, and we might tweak documentation to be thorough and make sure we have it in place to find opportunities to enhance and create new documentation as needed.

Onboarding Accounts and Restructures 

The tasks and projects Shalini typically works on –  from onboarding new accounts, or restructuring existing campaigns – usually involve her team. As a leader in the company, she has a true commitment to helping others and producing quality results. You can find her helping the team with new campaign types and running paid media weekly status meetings, where they discuss account wins, issues, industry news, and operations. 

[SR]: For our Paid Search campaigns, onboarding a new search account will involve managing the creation of our keyword list and ad copy and ensuring ad copy is approved by the client.  Once those pieces are in place, we build a template and feed and make sure all automation and rules have been set up properly to make sure everything can run as automated as possible. Then comes QA, checklists, oversight on all the processes for onboarding, and coordinating with Account Managers for client LOCALACT  platform access. Finally, when it comes to restructures of existing campaigns, this involves brainstorming and planning to make sure the restructure makes sense and is goal-aligned. We then determine what the targeting will look like, evaluate whether we need a separate campaign, decide upon target setting, etc.

Time Allocation and Staying Efficient

It’s no secret that part of the recipe to success is time management and staying efficient. Not only is it important to create quality work, but it can also be a challenge to stay efficient all while separating your work and home life.

 [SR]: Typically, 30% of my time is spent in meetings, communication, training (some days a lot more!), 40% in managing projects, people and operations, 10-20% in performance checks and documentation, 10% in strategy review, 10% in client work. I heavily rely on to-do lists and block time on my calendar to reserve time for tasks. I typically give myself deadlines which are at least a day before it is actually due to work in time for unforeseen delays.

Work-Life Balance 

I asked Shalini how she balances her creative, professional, and personal life, and how the culture at Location3 supports this. Location3 wants its employees to have balance in their lives, because we know that work outcomes are vastly improved when workers are fulfilled personally and professionally. Shalini has a family to keep her busy, and she separates work and life by separating the physical space as well.

[SR]: I created a routine in the morning which is somewhat of a “commute.” I have a dedicated workspace that helps me keep my work and personal life separate. When I am at my desk, it is all work. Due to the pandemic, my son was home. Thankfully, so was my husband.  I work in a few breaks to make sure our 8-year-old is fed, doing what he needs to and is happy. I log off work around 5:30 on most days to spend time with my family. One of Location3’s employee perks is a wellness reimbursement which was designed to encourage mental wellbeing. We also get every other Friday off to maintain work life balance. On my “FriYays,” I usually check in in the morning and get pending tasks done and then have the rest of the day to myself. I spend time gardening and dotting (my new hobby).


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