Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Examining Data Transparency & Attribution

After skipping our August episode in lieu of launching Location3’s new local digital marketing platform, LOCALACT, we’re back on Digital Shoptalk examining the recent news regarding Apple’s inclusion of “intelligent tracking prevention” in its iOS11 update and whether or not it’s good for consumers.

In keeping with the “data transparency” theme, we also cover Google news about their update to Google Attribution, as the search giant continues to lead the charge for increased accountability in online ad performance tracking and measuring.

Last but not least, we give the UpVote to Unacast CEO, Thomas Walle, for his presentation at the Local Search Association Place Conference that called for more transparency from industry giants in how they measure and account for location data on behalf of clients and businesses. As always, tweet @Location3 using the #DigitalShoptalk hashtag with any questions or comments.

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