Digital Shoptalk Podcast: Facebook The Next Big Search Engine

As the dominant search engine, Google and all of its features, developments, updates, and trends takes up the majority of our headspace as digital marketers. But that could soon be changing with Facebook further dipping its toes in the search engine pool. In fact, we view Facebook as the next big search engine and local marketing platform for franchise systems and multi-location businesses.

During this episode, Josh and Alex discuss starting points for brick-and-mortar businesses looking to establish an effective Facebook marketing program that is scalable across a large network of business locations.

Next, they cover the ways in which local businesses can take advantage of local advertising on Facebook, and also note some things brands should be aware of when it comes to reporting on Facebook performance.

Lastly, we give a shout out to the first member of our team to complete the rigorous Facebook Blueprint Certification training program.

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