Porter: How to Increase Your Franchise’s In-Store Revenue

The holiday season is go time for retailers and franchisees hoping to cash in on a seasonal sales boost. So what are the best strategies for these brands to ensure the holidays boom instead of bust in 2017? In a recent post on Business.com, Location3 CEO Alex Porter says the answer is a hyperlocal paid search marketing strategy. Porter shares three tips for finding that strategy and then executing it for maximum revenue. The three tips:

  1. Figure out your hyperlocal targeting strategy

  2. Consider the new and improved customer journey

  3. Make sure customers can find you online

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“Eighty-two percent of customers¬†research online before visiting a store or making a purchase, whether online or in-store. If you fail to incorporate hyperlocal trends and tactics in your current strategy, you might notice a considerable drop in both online and in-person traffic. Consumers are savvier than ever, so it’s important to connect with them using search early on in the research process. You can do this by qualifying them with the right keywords and ad copy, and then moving them through a quality experience on your website or other digital channels, to increase the likelihood of a store visit.”

For further analysis, the entire post can be read here.


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