Industry Roundup: April 2021

WordPress Proposal to Block FLoC 

A proposal was put forward last week by a WordPress contributor to block Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), its replacement for third-party cookies. WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg emphasized that this was a proposal – only a proposal – and that decisions in the matter have yet to be made. But the idea has generated quite a bit of buzz in the industry – it’s estimated that 40% of all sites use WordPress and the move would be a blow to Google’s attempt to maintain some level of audience-specific ad targeting.  

Read George Nguyen’s coverage for Search Engine Land and Roger Montti’s piece for Search Engine Journal to understand the issues at hand. 

The Junior Guide to Digital Marketing 

Even if you don’t work exclusively in digital, online literacy is important for people of all ages. We put together a kid-friendly intro to digital marketing in honor of Take Your Child to Work Day, with activities for all ages. Can your child spot an ad on a website? Help improve digital literacy – and maybe you’ll inspire a career path in the fascinating field of digital marketing. 

Read our guide here. 

Your Franchise Needs an Agency for LLM 

Listings consistency and extended distribution still matter – for visibility, engagement and ranking. Learn more about the benefits of engaging with an agency partner to manage your franchise’s online listings and how your locations can gain more visibility in search and more user actions on their business profiles 

Learn more about our approach. 

 MarTech Conference – Free For All! 

MarTech’s Virtual Conference was free to everyone this year, and all sessions are now available on demand with registration. Check out our recap of a few of the sessions we attended and find links to register and watch! 

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