Industry Roundup – December 2022

The month of December means we are wrapping up 2022. Here are some highlights from this past month and news for 2023.

Location3 2023 Industry Predictions

Our team shares their thoughts on what will be trending (or not trending) in the digital marketing industry for 2023. Watch the full video here.

2023 IFA Annual Convention

With 2023 around the corner, we are so excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming IFA Annual Convention in February. We hope to see you there! More details on the event can be found here.

A Year in Search – 2022

Google shared what was searched the most in 2022. This year, the term “can I change” was searched more than ever before. A term that shows the movement and change that is happening in society, what will be the top term for 2023? Watch the video here.


Google 2023 Trends

In addition to our team’s 2023 predictions, Google leaders also share what they think will be trending in 2023. Categories in focus were inclusive representation in ad creative, auditing, and advertising with a purpose. Read the full article here.

From all of us at Location3, we are wishing you happy holidays and a happy new year!


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