Industry Roundup: January 2021

Does Advertising Work?  

Well, does it? And how can you tell? Hear more from Location3’s CEO, Alex Porter, on new challenges in demonstrating digital ROAS in 2021 and how to sleep better about your ad spend. Digital advertising is a rapidly changing industry, and we’re already on our way to adapting to the new environment. Find additional resources and advice for your 2021 marketing approach here. 

How to Think about Apple’s iOS 14 Policy Changes as a Local Business Owner  

Upcoming Apple iOS 14 policy changes are creating uncertainty for Facebook advertisers. Our LOCALACT local business owners are asking: 

  • When is this change coming? 
  • How will the Apple iOS 14 update affect my marketing efforts on Facebook? 
  • Should I shift my budget to other tactics? 
  • What actions should I take? 

We’re answering these questions and providing insights into our strategic advice to our corporate partnersRead more here. 

Stay tuned to the LOCALACT blog for an update on this topic today! 

IFA 2021 | Ignite Your Local Marketing Plan  

We’re proud to sponsor the International Franchise Association (IFA) 2021 Virtual ConventionIFA’s annual conference is among the best for franchising business development and personal growth – and this year, it’s going virtualJoin for two weeks of quality sessions and networking opportunities! Follow the Marketing track to hear from our experts on local digital advertising for your brand. Engage with our team one-on-one at our virtual booth! Learn more about Location3’s IFA presence here. 

Annex Brands SEO Success  

“The proof is in the metrics, the KPIs. It’s very clear Location3 has added value to Annex Brands and our franchise system.”  -Steve Goble, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer for Annex Brands

We’re driving organic performance improvement for our partners at Annex Brands! Learn more about our Search Engine Optimization results for the Annex family – PostalAnnex, AIM Mail Centers, Navis Pack and Ship, and Pak Mail brands. See the results here. 



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