Paid Media refers to an online marketing strategy where your business pays to place ads for your products or services. Through highly developed paid media strategies, these ads are placed in front of potential customers most likely to purchase your business’ products or services.

While paid media is a relatively traditional concept, it requires true expertise to maximize its impact. It’s important to have a firm grasp on the intricacies of the highly competitive space to ensure your budget is spent most efficiently.

The execution of an effective Paid Media campaign relies on accurate targeting, strong creative assets, message delivery at the optimal time and place, and efficient management. When all four of those factors are in place, your ideal customer is presented with a compelling ad at the lowest cost to your advertising budget.

Our Paid Media experts use a variety of tactics to raise brand awareness and increase revenue for your business. Learn more about Location3’s strategic approach to Paid Media below.

Advanced Targeting

Your paid media ads are only effective if they’re reaching the right audience. Through the use of world-class technology and our nuanced understanding of the complex paid media landscape, we’re able to put your message in front of the customers most likely to make a purchase...

Strategic Messaging

A successful paid media ad requires more than just a catchy slogan. If you want to acquire new customers, your ads must include creative visuals that make a strong first impression as well as performance data to support their presentation. Our paid media experts find the proper balance of substance and style to ensure your ad won’t get lost in the mix..

Paid Social Advertising

Facebook and Instagram advertising is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategies for reaching and influencing customers at the local level. In addition to reaching your potential customers through locally relevant ad copy, we also provide a software-with-a-service solution to manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns at scale. Beyond Facebook and Instagram advertising, our Paid Media experts manage additional paid social campaigns if the social platforms align with our client’s target and objectives, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Search Ads 360

This programmatic purchasing platform allows us to leverage first party and advanced third party data for advanced targeting while controlling cost and reaching audiences in the appropriate context at the ideal time.

Ongoing Optimizations

We continuously analyze campaign data and optimize toward top performing demographics, sites, geography, devices, and more to ensure maximum result delivery within your budget.

Local Ad Formats

Facebook allows you to speak directly to a local audience through a variety of ad formats. Map cards that feature your business address, ad copy that uses local streets, and images of local landmarks are all ways to engage potential customers in your neighborhood.


Using our proprietary software LOCALACT, we can launch, manage, and report on your localized Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns at scale.

Ad Optimization

Your audience is often looking for information and not your catchy slogan. We optimize your ads to include the elements that drive more than just awareness. With site links, call options, directions, and offers, we incorporate additional information that drives customer action into the creative.

Digital Video

It’s a visual world, and no ad format presents engaging storytelling like video. Digital video is a long format, versatile ad solution that allows you to inspire potential customers on an emotional level or reason with them on an intellectual level.


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