Digital Recap: CCPA & Facebook, New Google Ad Tool Expansion

Facebook’s New “Limited Data Use” Policy & The Impact of CCPA

The official rollout of the California Consumer Privacy Act has resulted in some major changes being announced by Facebook, most notably around their new Limited Data Use policy for ad campaigns. As noted by Facebook directly:

“One reason a business might implement Limited Data Use is because the person is in California and opted out of the sale of their data under the CCPA. When a business enables Limited Data Use, Facebook will process data in accordance with our role as a service provider, with respect to flagged personal information from people in California.”

Facebook’s announcement of the policy included a note that a transition period is currently underway from July 1st – July 31st, 2020 to allow their partners to implement this feature. Thus far, the transition hasn’t exactly been a smooth one for many marketers, as highlighted by Search Engine Journal. At Location3, we’re currently evaluating all of our client partners’ needs and potential requirements for implementing Limited Data Use during this transition period. As more information is made available to us by Facebook, we’ll be sure to pass it along. If you have any questions, please contact your Partner Director today.

The Female Quotient Partners with Google on New Ad Inclusivity Study

The Female Quotient, a female-owned business that focuses on advancing equality for all, recently partnered with Google and Ipsos on a study that examined the impact of ad inclusivity on consumer behavior. They collectively surveyed nearly 3,000 U.S. consumers of various backgrounds to understand perceptions surrounding diversity and inclusion in advertising. The study included questions that focused on generating responses from people about the factors they think are important for a brand’s ad campaign to be considered diverse or inclusive. They surveyed respondents in roughly 12 categories: gender identity, age, body type, race/ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, skin tone, language, religious/spiritual affiliation, physical ability, socio-economic status, and overall appearance. To summarize the results of the study, they found that a majority of consumers are more likely to consider a purchase after they see an ad they think is inclusive or diverse.

Read the complete details and results of the study around consumer behavior and expectations.

Audio Streaming Sees Major Spike

With many U.S. citizens confined to their homes during the recent coronavirus lockdown, audio streaming saw a dramatic spike in listening, beginning in mid-March and continuing through mid-June 2020. According to newly released data from Comscore’s Total Home Panel, from Dec. 30, 2019 through the week of June 15, total average daily audio streaming hours rose by a third (32%).

See which platforms and channels contributed the most to the increase in streaming, as well as additional data released by Comscore.

Google Release New Ad Tools, Including Predictions & Trends

Google recently announced a rollout of some new Ad Tools aimed at helping marketers adapt to rapidly shifting consumer behavior using data and automation. One of the key updates focuses on Google’s Smart Bidding, with Google noting that soon users will be “able to create, monitor and manage your portfolio bid strategies across accounts at the manager account level.” In addition, Google’s Performance Planner will now also be available for Display and App campaigns, in addition to Search and Shopping.

For complete details on all of the new feature rollouts, read Google’s full release.


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