Digital Recap: New Data Limitations from Google Ads

Photo by Amith Nair on Unsplash

Apple Delays Tracking Opt-Out 

In June, Apple announced its iOS 14 update would include a privacy feature that would allow users to opt out of in-app ad tracking. They are now delaying the enforcement of that feature until next year. The opt-out feature has been contested by the advertising world, most notably Facebook, who released a statement warning that their Audience Network may be rendered totally ineffective on iOS 14. Devin Coldewey and Zack Whittaker cover the story for TechCrunch; read their article, “Apple won’t force developers to let users opt out of tracking until next year.” 

Digital Ad Spend Grows in 2020 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently undertook a survey of 242 media buyers and publishers, and their projections indicate digital ad spend will be up 6% year over year. According to their report, there is a substantial move away from traditional media to digital advertising, with paid search and social media winning more of the budget. As Greg Sterling remarks in his piece for Search Engine Land, “…ad budgets are in flux right now,” and forecasters are projecting different numbers, but online channels appear to be healthy or growing. Read more of Sterling’s analysis: “Traditional media suffer as digital ad ad spend grows in 2020 forecast.” 

 New Limitations in Google Ads Search Term Data 

Google is alerting advertisers that it will no longer show search queries that triggered their ads when there is not significant data. Search engine marketers are concerned, to say the least. Digital agency Seer Interactive saw a 28% loss in budget visibility with this update (from 8/31 to 9/1). Ginny Marvin analyzes the impacts of this new reporting limitation in her articles for Search Engine Land. Read her insights: “Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy,” and “Google’s search terms move will make millions in ad spend invisible to advertisers.” 

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