Digital Recap: IFA Releases Marketing Toolkit

IFA Releases Marketing Operations & Development Toolkit 

In advance of the Marketing, Operations & Development (MOD) Conference this month, the IFA released a helpful toolkit with strategies and insights to effectively manage and market your business. Location3’s Senior Director of Marketing, Josh Allen, is featured in the guide. His piece, “Build, Buy or Partner? How to Create Your 2021 Franchise Marketing Plan,” provides guidance on creating an effective marketing plan that balances local and national efforts. Read the Toolkit for more from IFA’s most knowledgeable supplier members. 

LinkedIn Updates Marketing Partner Program 

This week, LinkedIn announced updates to its Marketing Partner Program, making it easier for businesses to find the relevant third-party marketing partners for all aspects of marketing, whether planning, executing, or measuring results. Businesses can receive third-party support in page management, content and creative, audiences, campaign management, lead gen, reporting, and insights. Andrew Hutchinson covered the updates for Social Media Today. Read his article for more detail: “LinkedIn Updates Marketing Partner Program with New Specialty Categories.” 




Most Trusted in Social Media 

Speaking of LinkedIn, it was found to be the most trusted social media platform, according to Insider Intelligence’s US Digital Trust Survey. The survey evaluates consumer perceptions of security, legitimacy, community, ad experience, and ad relevance across the major social networks. While LinkedIn came in as number one, Facebook ranked last. Read eMarketer’s piece for more insight: “Facebook Ranks Last in Digital Trust Among Users. 

Facebook’s Conversions API 

Facebook is working to get ahead of the cookie-less future with its Conversions API (CAPI). On Thursday, Facebook held an informational webinar on CAPI for Advertising Partners. CAPI is Facebook’s solution to the problem of relying on a browser to collect user information for advertising. Facebook says CAPI makes data sharing more reliable by allowing advertisers to control the data we share and when we share it and creating full funnel visibility. They urged advertisers to start implementation (in addition to the Pixel, where appropriate), as soon as possible. As a Facebook Advertising Partner, Location3 will stay in the know with best practices in place, on behalf of our partner brands. 

Rise of Reputation Management 

Search rankings, customer acquisition, and even paid search advertising performance: customer reviews and ratings are a huge component in a business’s digital presence. Adam Dorfman, in his piece for Search Engine Land, makes the case that now, more than ever, businesses need to adapt to the feedback economy. To do this, Dorfman posits stronger ties should be formed between marketing and customer experience teams to ensure customer feedback is not only managed digitally but acted upon in the real world. Read Dorfman’s piece, “The rise of reputation experience management,” for greater insight into what this might look like for a business. 

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