How To Increase Customers with Franchise Paid Search Marketing

At Location3, we’ve been effectively creating and executing franchise digital marketing strategies on behalf of our client partners for more than a decade. One critical channel for driving increases in both brand awareness and customer acquisition, particularly at a local level for franchisee locations and business owners, is paid search.

Google continues to own the lion’s share of the search market, so brands that fail to invest marketing dollars in Google AdWords campaigns (pay-per-click) are simply missing out on a huge opportunity to add revenue to their bottom line. However, we’re experienced enough to know that creating a campaign, adding a budget and casting  a wide targeting net does not automatically guarantee franchise paid search success.

Local customers are more connected than ever before and more savvy in their research of local businesses, so your franchise campaigns need to be more sophisticated in order to succeed.

With that in mind, we visited our Google partners at their Mountainview, CA headquarters and sat down to discuss some best practices, tactics and tips that franchise brands should use in Google AdWords in order to reach and convert more customers for each and every one of their business locations. Watch our Google Partner Hangout Session below, and learn how you can do the same for your franchise, starting today.

Our approach to franchise paid search marketing works has produced incredible results and increases in ROI for our clients. It’s also worth noting that our LOCALACT software was built to power and scale paid search marketing for franchise systems (in addition to other local digital channel management), while ensuring local data is managed, optimized and reported on in a centralized platform. To learn more and schedule a demo, contact us today.

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