Industry Roundup: January 2022

The Industry Roundup

Our monthly Industry Roundup posts bring you a digest of the latest in digital marketing and franchising news.

IFA 2022 Annual Convention 

The International Franchise Association’s (IFA) annual convention is back! It’s franchising’s biggest event for business development and personal growth, and we’re thrilled to attend in-person in beautiful San Diego. We’re sending an ace team of franchise marketing experts and look forward to meeting with your brand. In addition to hosting a booth (#1217 – drop by to enter our raffle and discuss digital strategy), our VP of Digital Strategy, Vera Shafiq, will be a keynote panelist on Sunday (2/27 at 1:45pm), discussing the topic: Creating a Marketing Revolution Through Data Evolution. Alex Porter and Ted Asbury will also be leading Thought Leadership Roundtables designed to rev up your brand and local marketing efforts.

The convention will be held February 26 – March 1.  

Register for the convention here. 

Find out more about Location3’s IFA membership and work with the franchising community. 

Privacy in Marketing 

Privacy in the digital world is not a passing fad. It’s top of mind for both consumers and marketers, and, as a recent Google study reveals, their interests are aligned. Both parties want relevant experiences that don’t come at the expense of privacy. For more insights from the research and tips for reimagining marketing in a privacy-centered world, read the study here. 

Learn more about what Location3 is doing to put privacy first in digital marketing: white paper | webinar. 

Social Media User Trends 

The number of active social media users globally grew by 9.9% over the past year – now numbering 4.55 billion. That’s 400 million new users who have signed up for at least one account this year. Clearly, the opportunity to reach new customers via social media marketing is growing. Find social channel performance statistics, top apps for monthly users, and more, in Kristi Hines’s article for Search Engine Journal. 

Connected TV 

What does it mean to ‘watch TV’ these days? New research conducted by Google shows that 60%  of those surveyed say that their definition of TV now includes streaming services like YouTube and Hulu. Take a dive into Google’s study, which explored how and why people consume video on YouTube and competitive platforms. The definition of TV is changing – creating new opportunities for content creators and advertisers alike.  

Discover more about how digital TV advertising works in our webinar. 

Apple Maps Listings Management 

Apple dominates when it comes to mobile OS market share in the US. And with its ongoing improvements, Apple Maps is growing its user base and converting Google Maps devotees. This is one of many reasons why it’s important to properly manage your brand’s Apple Maps listings. Hear more from Location3’s VP of Growth, Tom Lynch, in his recent piece for our blog. 

5 Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth for Your Service-Area Business 

In 2021, more people searched for ‘how to start a business’ than ‘how to get a job.’ Entrepreneurship is trending upward, and we’ve noticed growth in a particular segment of franchising – the service-based business. Think painting, plumbing, landscaping, blinds, mobile car wash, junk removal, in-home care, pet services, tutoring, etc. Learn more about the nuances of digital marketing for these businesses in Vera Shafiq’s latest article. 

Activate Your Franchise Army 

Franchise brands often face challenges when it comes to balancing and streamlining brand and local marketing efforts. At times, it is because these efforts are not centrally managed – local and brand efforts might therefore compete or work towards different goals. We consistently see the best marketing performance from brands that both a) require local marketing spend, and b) have a system in place to manage and monitor local marketing. Find out more about how to structure your brand-local marketing strategy to optimize performance across the board in Ted Asbury’s latest piece. 

Owning Your Brand Footprint in 2022 

What does ownership mean in the digital space? Find out how to take control of your brand’s digital footprint to improve marketing performance and protect your brand in Andrew Beckman’s latest video. 

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