Webinar: Preparing for a Privacy-Focused World

The Most Important Topic in Franchise Marketing

Location3’s Vera Shafiq recently hosted an International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) webinar, which centers on marketing in the new privacy-focused world. Watch to learn about the rise of privacy in the digital world and tactical marketing solutions to mitigate the impact on targeting and audience pools, including:

  • Server-side conversion tracking, like Facebook’s CAPI
  • Gathering and using first party data
  • Identity frameworks, like Google’s FLoC
  • Applying machine learning and blended data

Vera speaks the language of marketing’s future and provides actionable insights your brand should thoughtfully incorporate into strategic planning for the year(s) ahead. Don’t get left behind while the cookies crumble.

Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) training credit is also available. 

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