Location3 Wins Award for Best Local Search Campaign

Here at Location3, we continue to advocate that everything is local. Connecting with local consumers during their cross-platform buying journey on behalf of our clients is the type of stuff we geek out on as digital marketers.  We’re always working on developing the next idea or strategy to help our client partners engage with their target audience in a way that’s meaningful.  When our industry peers recognize our work and our client performance in this way, it’s hard not to feel pride for what we do every day.

In that spirit, we’re thrilled to announce that the Local Search Association has awarded Location3 with the top prize for Best Local Search Campaign in 2017!  This is the second time in the last three years that we’ve won this award for our client work, and the competition this year was particularly strong.  As noted on the LSA blog, the organization received over 172 entries across 11 categories in 2017.

“As the number of entries shows, digital marketers and advertisers are waking up to the critical importance of local and location-based marketing,” said LSA President Neg Norton (via lsainsider.com). “This is our most successful award program to date, and it reflects that the industry is now on a path of continuous innovation.”

Our winning submission this year included a franchise marketing case study that showcased our ability to drive incredible ROI for one of our clients, HoneyBaked Ham, during one of their peak holiday seasons. The strategy developed by our local search experts supported the national brand team of HoneyBaked Ham, as well as the 211 individual franchisees that own and operate HoneyBaked Ham store locations throughout the country.

“We’ve always believed that  online marketing for franchise systems and multi-location businesses requires a unique blend of digital expertise and best-in-class technology,” said Location3 Head of Local Search Nick Neels, who was also a featured speaker at the LSA 2017 Conference in San Diego.  “When we combine our decade-plus experience in local search marketing with our proprietary LOCALACT technology, the amazing results speak for themselves.”

We’re honored to receive this award from the Local Search Association on behalf of our team and our client, and look forward to continuing the Location3 trend of creating innovative strategies and campaigns that increase the bottom line of all of our partners.

Head of Local Search Nick Neels (third from left) accepting award on behalf of Location3

Photo Credit:  lsainsider.com

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