New Features Added to LOCALACT Beta

The latest updates to Location3’s LOCALACT beta platform have been released, and we wanted to highlight a few features that have been added. Location3 President and Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Porter, notes: “I’m continually amazed at both the advancements that have been made in our LOCALACT beta over the past 12 months, and even more excited for the full-scale launch of LOCALACT that we have in store for Fall 2017. We continue to innovate every day in anticipation of the full platform rollout later this year, and that focus is sparked by the needs of our clients and driven by our mission to provide best-in-class local digital marketing technology to all of our partners.”

Business Listing Reporting Performance Updates

We recently completed significant work on our LOCALACT data warehouse that has made all reporting data in LOCALACT beta load faster than ever before. With the growing number of clients and reporting data in the platform, it was important to make sure performance and speed were as efficient as possible. With this update, daily search insights data now load in a matter of seconds.

Bing API Publish – Beta Program

We have been working with our account teams over the past few months to test publishing listing information directly to the Bing API. This is Location3’s first integration with the publish API for listings, which is a great milestone for us. In the first round of testing, this was purely a manual, back-end process, but the API has now been added as a publish option directly in the app:

We continue our piloting and testing of this program internally, and aim to roll it out as an option for all clients very soon.

Search Insights Report

The reporting views for Google My Business Queries, Impressions, and Actions have all been combined into a single report, “Search Insights”. Now when you select a date range, it is much easier to jump between the different metrics and reporting views while keeping the same date range for your analysis.

Reply to Google Reviews

Since review reporting was first released in LOCALACT beta last year, we have heard a lot of requests for the ability to actually reply to these reviews. Well we’re excited to announce that Location3 clients can now directly respond  to reviews on Google from the location-level review reporting screen, giving business owners an additional opportunity to engage their customers on a 1-to-1 basis:

Location3 clients can see individual reviews for individual business locations, write a response, and then post the review on Google.

Here’s an example of how this reply actually looks on Google:

Coming Soon: Local User Access 

With location-level reporting having been released in LOCALACT beta late last year, the foundation was set to allow local store managers or franchise owners to actually log in, and only view reporting metrics and details on their assigned locations. With improvements to the user account management and credentialing launching soon, we will be able to provide local user access to specific locations for clients enrolled in the program.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re interested in a demo of LOCALACT that also includes all of the new feature releases listed here, you can contact us directly today.

If you’re a current Location3 client, please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or thoughts!

Stay tuned for updates on the full-scale launch of our LOCALACT platform, and all of the available applications and features available with the complete rollout later this year!

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