Location3 Officially Announced as Yelp Advertising Partner

We’re pleased to announce today that Location3 has officially been announced as a Yelp Advertising Partner! This new strategic partnership with Yelp will further enhance our ability to reach and engage key target audiences online, and ultimately grow the respective customer bases of each of our franchise and multi-location client partners.

“We’re excited to launch Location3 as a Yelp Advertising Partner”, said Drew Canniff, Division Vice President, Agency and Partner Sales, Yelp.  “Hundreds of thousands of businesses advertise on Yelp to amplify their online presence and increase opportunities to attract new customers.  Local businesses are constantly looking to grow their customer base.  Through this partnership with Location3, we’ll deliver real value to Location3’s customers by providing the tools to generate more leads and visits.”

Location3’s franchise marketing platform LOCALACT also integrates directly with Yelp’s API, allowing our franchise and multi-location partners access to key metrics and data related to their Yelp Business Profiles.  This information adds an additional layer of insights when assessing local digital marketing performance, as the latest comScore statistics show just how many users Yelp reaches each month.

Our new partnership with Yelp gives Location3 an even greater competitive advantage in helping our franchise clients reach more target consumers and convert them into customers on a market-by-market basis,” said Tom Lynch, V.P. of Franchise Operations & Development at Location3. “Both the Yelp API integration and added layer of support from the Yelp team helps us further round out an incredibly robust, localized digital marketing offering.”

If you have questions about the partnership or would like more information on what is available from Yelp via the LOCALACT dashboard, please contact us today.


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