Digital Recap: Better Understand Facebook’s CAPI

Facebook’s Conversions API: Start Now! 

With changes to consumer privacy law (and ergo web development), advertisers will need to use new tools in order to bring consumers the personalized ads that they prefer. Facebook’s Conversions API is the new Business Tool that will help advertisers strike the balance between personalization and privacy. You’ll want to get started right away!  Learn more. 

What You Need to Know about Apple’s 2021 Updates 

Advertisers and developers take note! Major iOS changes are set to go into effect on January 1, 2021. Laurie Sullivan coverthe impending updates for MediaPostFor developers, some good news: the App Store fee will be lowered from 30% to 15%, for those that generate up to $1 million in annual revenue and developers who are new to the store. The changes for advertisers, however, are leaving the industry feeling uncertain. The new privacy features will require consumers to opt-in for permission to be tracked and targeted for ads using their mobile identifier (IDFA), rather than opt-out. Read Sullivan’s article for more on the updates and what it will mean for marketers. 

Instagram’s New Opt-Out Feature for Ad Targeting 

Instagram users will now have the option to opt-out of third-partdata usage. Currently, Instagram personalizes the user’s ad experience by using data points from other apps and websites. This follows similar settings added in Facebook, along with the general societal shift toward data transparency. Writing for Social Media Today, Andrew Hutchinson notes that “by getting in now, Instagram may also reduce the amount of users who’ll actually switch this setting off…” Read his full article to get a better sense of the new feature. 

Instagram third party data opt-out screen capture.

Google Ads Broad Match + Smart Bidding 

In a blog post Monday, Google Ads recommends using broad match and Smart Bidding together and announced a new feature that provides broad match recommendations for existing keywords when advertisers are using Smart Bidding. Ginny Marvin approaches this recommended strategy with some skepticism in her analysis for Search Engine Land, but still recommends trying it out (as an addition to the ad group, rather than a change to existing phrase or broad match modified keyword lists), especially for upper-funnel marketingRead Marvin’s article for more detail. 

Build, Buy, or Partner? Location3 Digs Deep with the IFA 

For franchises looking to create better balance among in-house resources, external resources and corresponding budgets, this International Franchise Association webinar is must-see. Location3 experts Josh Allen, Tom Lynch, and Ted Asbury share their application of the Build, Buy, or Partner model on local digital marketing and provide guidance on how you can create your 2021 franchise marketing plan. Watch the webinar for more!  

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