Industry Roundup – January 2023

We are officially one month into 2023! Here is the latest updates for the month of January and what is upcoming in February:

2023 IFA Annual Convention

We are so excited to be a sponsor of the upcoming IFA Annual Convention in February. We hope to see you there! More details on the event can be found here.

Franchise Marketing Economics: How to Maximize Ad Spend in 2023

2023 has an uncertain economic outlook so it is important to check that your ad campaigns are maximizing your marketing dollars. Check out our article featured  on the IFA website to learn more about what you can do to maximize your ad spend in 2023.

Convention attendees2023 Marketing Conferences

We have compiled a list of all the marketing conferences upcoming in 2023. There are so many opportunities to attend some informative sessions and connect with others in the marketing industry. Plus, some are fully online and free to attend! Check out the list here.




Marketing Attribution White Paper

We are deep-diving into Marketing Attribution – what it is and why it is important.

Digital Shoptalk – Episode 12: Back In Action

Our team is back with an all-new episode of Digital Shoptalk. They discuss what should be excepted for marketing budgets, trending tactics, and upcoming technology. Listen to the episode here.

AdTech Unfiltered featuring Vera Shafiq

Our VP of Digital Strategy, Vera Shafiq, joins host Noor Naseer, VP of Media Innovations and Technology at Basis, for the AdTech Unfiltered podcast. They discuss the best digital marketing strategies for scalability and long-term success. Listen to the full episode here.


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