Industry Roundup – March 2023

Here are the latest updates for the month of March:

2023 Local Search Ranking Factors​

David Kemp, our Local Listings Strategist, was featured in the latest article by Whitespark discussing what is and isn’t working to drive rankings and conversions in Local SEO.

This is such an amazing survey that businesses can use as a guide. My two favorite sections this year are the negative risk factors and suspension risk factors. I get the question about how to boost ranking all the time, but I think it’s just as important to understand the factors that will have a negative impact on your Google listings.” – David Kemp.  Read the full article here.




Top 8 Marketing Measurement Mistakes​

Are you making these 8 marketing measurement mistakes? Learn how to better implement processes and systems to track your marketing efforts here.





Part 1: The Role of AI-Powered Tools in Digital Advertising

Discover how AI-powered tools are transforming digital advertising by improving audience targeting, optimizing ad campaigns, and gaining enhanced customer insights. Click here to read.



Digital Shoptalk Episode 13

Josh Allen, VP of Marketing, is joined by Michelle Rowan, President and COO of Franchise Business Review. They discuss their biggest takeaways and trends from the IFA convention, including artificial intelligence and how it relates to the franchising industry, and more. Listen Now!



IFA Webinar

We are hosting a webinar on marketing attribution and performance measurements with the IFA. Featuring Vera ShafiqIra Klusendorf, CFEJosh Allen, CFE and other guests live on April 12th. Register Here.


Franchising Economic Outlook​

The International Franchise Association has released their annual overview of franchise performance for the past year and projected economic outlook for the year ahead. Key highlights include the rising number of employees in the franchise space, increase in franchise businesses, and the impacts of inflation. Read Here







5 Ways GPT-4 Outsmarts ChatGPT

GPT-4 is evolving once again to help users to the best of its abilities. With new comprehending abilities to better understand conversational inputs, images, and more, GPT-4 is a huge step ahead compared to the previous version.  Check out the new features in this article.


Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter

This article is a counterpoint to the rapid acceleration of AI. Calling for AI creators to stop the creation and innovation of AI systems until study can be done on how these systems will affect human careers. So far, even big names like Elon Musk have signed this petition. Learn More Here.



Bing vs. Bard: We Compared Both Chatbots to See Which Is Better

Get a first hand view on Bing vs. Bard in this article Microsoft prompted both AI systems and shares the results in this article.

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