Industry Roundup – October 2023

Here are the latest updates for the month of October:

Eerie Analytics: How to Interpret and Use Data for Better Marketing

Embark on a spooky journey into the world of data-driven marketing this Halloween! Unmask the cryptic data monsters and learn to interpret and harness their power for superior marketing. Discover the secrets of data interpretation, from identifying trends to managing anomalies. Finally, turn your data into actionable strategies with the magical spell of data attribution. Don’t let your data haunt your reports—use it to cast a spell of success over your marketing efforts! Read it here.

Location3 Partner Summit With Google

We had the distinct honor of hosting our fourth annual Google Partner Summit at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, CA! The 2023 Summit featured impactful sessions on the acceleration of AI, digital marketing, strategy, data, analytics, marketing profitability, and more. We can’t wait to host our fifth annual Summit in 2024. Watch a recap here.

International Franchise Association Supplier Source Book

Unlock the full potential of your franchise with insights from Josh Allen, CFE‘s feature in the 2023 Supplier Source Book Toolkit by the International Franchise Association. Don’t miss out on the key opportunities to supercharge your demand generation! Learn more here.


Emerging Franchisor Conference 2023

The International Franchise Association (IFA) will be hosting the Emerging Franchisor Conference, November 1-3, in New Orleans, LA. Location3 is a sponsor for this conference, and this is a great way to meet industry leaders and discuss franchise development, marketing, challenges you may be facing, and more. Learn more here.


The Power of Artificial Intelligence White Paper:

As ChatGPT gains immense popularity, AI-driven advancements are reshaping the marketing landscape. Discover how businesses leverage AI’s power to refine their strategies and navigate the evolving digital sphere in our latest white paper. Get Your Copy Here.


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