Yelp Upgrades and More Consumer Behavior Changes

Consumer Behavior Changes in the COVID-19 Landscape 

Let’s start with a no-brainer: COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior. Work lives and personal lives are evolving in light of the pandemic, and so are purchasing priorities. According to an Accenture Study conducted April 2-6, which surveyed 3,313 people in 15 countries, consumer behavior is adapting in some notable ways, and the projected longevity of these trends may be surprising. Larissa Faw examined this study further for MediaPost Agency Daily. Here are a few highlights from her analysis: 

  • Consumers are making digital upgrades to their homes, with more than half of respondents planning to buy or increase use of WIFI, digital assistants and smart home devices, wearable technology, etc. 
  • People who may have previously been hesitant about ecommerce and other digital technology are adopting it. 
  • They found that 64% of consumers are focusing more on limiting food waste, and 45% are making more sustainable choices when shopping and are likely to continue to do so. 

As we prepare to re-open our societies, businesses are already adapting, some making sweeping changes to their business models, to meet the new demands of this post-COVID world. It is important for brands to consider these behavior shifts as they seek to stay relevant to consumers. 

For further insight and detail, read Faw’s article: Accenture Finds COVID-19 Permanently Changing Consumer Behavior. 

Yelp Upgrades Include Enhanced Search Options for Virtual Offerings 

Yelp released a series of new features and products on Monday for businesses to promote their virtual offerings, and for consumers to better find those businesses. As Laurie Sullivan for Search Marketing Daily reports, companies can now indicate virtual services on their Yelp business page, and there is now a search filter in place for virtual offerings. Other highlights from this release include: 

  • A redesign of Yelp for Businesses to improve business owners’ experience. 
  • COVID-19 content for Yelp pages. 
  • Banners and badges, a way to share messages with customers for free. 
  • “Curbside pickup” is now searchable within the app, increasing visibility for businesses that offer that service. 

Read Laurie Sullivan’s full report on this release: “Yelp Search Filter Identifies Local Businesses With Virtual Offerings.” 

The Case for Connected TV 

Nielsen data shows that adults 18-49 are spending more than an hour per day consuming content via connected TV devices. By 2023, 44% of households will no longer use Traditional Broadcast TV or cable. Our very own Josh Allen breaks down the digital advertising opportunity for brand awareness and increased conversions through this steady increase in Connected TV viewership. Our clients have seen the results! 

Check out the infographic: “The Case for Connected TV.”

Google Releases Beast of Algorithm Update 

On Monday, Google’s May 2020 Core Update started rolling out. Search Engine Land is compiling search data and the analysis of several experts across the field, who are calling this a very substantial and broad-reaching update that is not yet finished. In his article, Barry Schwartz cites RankRanger’s reports on Rank Volatility, where they find substantial increases in volatility compared to January’s update, as well as volatility in the specific industries of travel, retail, finance, and health. SEMRush also prepared data which shows this May update influences more SERPs and positions than the earlier core update. The SEO community is abuzz; some are reporting positive gains, others decry tremendous losses. Stay tuned, as the full effects of this update may be yet to come. 

Read Barry Schwartz’s full report on current effects of the update: “Google’s May 2020 core update was big and broad, search data tools show.” 

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