Industry Roundup – December 2023

Here are the latest updates for the month of December:

12 Days of Marketing Cheer

This holiday season our team wanted to give the gift of marketing wisdom! This mini blog series is a festive journey through insights, strategies, and tips, designed to illuminate the path to marketing success. Read all 12 days here.


International Franchise Association Supplier Source Book

Unlock the full potential of your franchise with insights from Josh Allen, CFE‘s feature in the 2023 Supplier Source Book Toolkit by the International Franchise Association. Don’t miss out on the key opportunities to supercharge your demand generation! Learn more here.


Discover the Latest Outlooks for 2024 Below!

2024 Expected Trends

Smart Insights outlines key digital marketing trends expected in 2024. Highlighting the importance of user-centric experiences, emphasizing personalization, interactive content, and voice search optimization. The rise of virtual reality (VR) in marketing strategies, along with significance of sustainability in brand messaging. Providing a comprehensive glimpse into the evolving landscape of digital marketing in the coming year. Read it here.


Social and Digital Marketing Trends

Forbes highlights key social media and digital marketing trends anticipated in 2024! Discussing the increasing role of social commerce, where shopping is integrated with social platforms. Understanding the ethical and purpose-driven marketing, as consumers seek authenticity. Learn more here.


Holiday Marketing Trends of 2023

Vistaprint outlines several key marketing trends for businesses to leverage in the coming year. Emphasizing the significance of video content in capturing audience attention and driving engagement. Personalization is highlighted as a crucial strategy for creating meaningful connections with consumers.   Read more here.


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